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We ensure our horses are well trained and ready to give you the best ride during your lesson but must recognise that even the calmest of horses can be unpredictable and riding is a risk sport.
For your safety and that of our staff as well as the horses, we ask all clients and visitors to the yard to take care and follow the safety rules listed below.

  • Young children must be supervised at all times

  • A riding hat of the current safety standard must be worn at all times when riding and when working around all horses and ponies.

  • Suitable footwear must be worn whenever you are near or riding the horses

  • Dogs are not permitted on the yard

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the yard

  • Please do not feed the horses without permission from your instructor; it can lead to negative behaviours or cause serious medical issues.

  • Do not enter any stable with a horse or pony without express permission from a member of staff

  • Do not shout or run on the yard

  • You must not enter any arena whilst a lesson is in progress without permission from the instructor

  • If watching a lesson, please keep any noises and sudden movement to a minimum. Do not try and communicate with a rider whilst a lesson is in progress

  • Prams and buggies are not permitted on the yard.

  • Photography and video recording of any kind is not permitted without the prior permission of the riding school staff. If you wish to take photographs of your child on horseback, please speak to your riding instructor who can arrange for you to take photographs at the end of the lesson. For child protection, social and religious reasons we do not allow any photography or video recording of any of our group lessons.

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